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•   data-driven, application UI design and development, web-based and client-server, desktop and mobile

•   website design and development, client and backend/database

•   graphic design for web and print, digital natural-media illustration, photo correction and restoration

•   expert, hand-coded HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM, cross-browser/version expertise, Windows and Mac

•   full project lifecycle experience, tactical and strategic needs analysis, hiring, requirements gathering, functional and technical specifications, wireframes, comps, prototypes, usability testing, development, implementation, support, technical and user docs, online help, training videos with voice-over, train-the-trainer



client: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, C, JSP, SmartClient    server: PHP, Java




Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, Premiere, After Effects



Profit Velocity Solutions

San Francisco, CA

2011.01 – present

application UI designer-developer

•   lead UI designer and developer for browser-based applications for desktop and iPad (JavaScript, AJAX, JSP, HTML, CSS, SmartClient) •  lead graphic designer for identity and collateral • functional specifications and online help • website design and development



Woody Creek Pictures*

Seattle, WA

2009.09 – 2010.04

web designer-developer

•   designed and developed business website and multi-media blog (PHP, HTML, CSS)




San Rafael, CA

2007.08 – 2009.01

application UI designer-developer

•   designed, prototyped UI redesign for web-based reporting and charting  •  developed graphics and client-side code for elected designs (DHTML, JavaScript, CSS)



Woody Creek Pictures*

Seattle, WA

2005.11 – 2006.06

web designer-developer

•   designed, developed website for critically acclaimed film The Heart of the Game released by Miramax (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP)



Mellon Financial*

San Francisco, CA

2004.11 – 2005.06

application UI designer-developer

•   led UI redesign of large web-based transaction and reporting application (XHTML, CSS, JavaScript)

•   initially storyboarded and coded UI enhancements to existing legacy system •  then redesigned and coded system UI for new look and feel, navigation scheme, considerable new/changed functionality  •  abstracted presentation to CSS to simplify code changes by backend development team  •  technical documentation




Redmond, WA

2004.05 – 2004.11

UI designer-developer • programmer-analyst

•   redesigned website UI for educational portal  •  defined repository and metadata strategy for programmatic page presentation and search/browse functionality

•   defined product strategy for document management and routing/approval workflow considering legacy system utilization, 3rd party software evaluations, and custom development

•   created Access database and custom reports from XML data  •  designed-developed SharePoint sites for team collaboration  •  designed, developed custom reports (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP)



Primal Solutions*,
*, Portal Player*,
Maxager Technology
AT&T Wireless

Seattle, WA

2003.04 – 2004.03

web UI designer-developer

•   designed, developed, released, maintained corporate websites  •  sites featured standards-compliant XHTML architecture and DHTML content (XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP)



Maxager Technology*

San Rafael, CA

2003.01 – 2003.02

application UI designer-developer

•   designed, prototyped UI enhancements for web-based reporting and charting application  •  developed graphics, client-side code for elected designs (DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, NetCharts)



Maxager Technology

San Rafael, CA

1999.05 – 2001.11


product manager • application UI designer-developer

•   analyzed business needs, proposed product solutions in functional specs and UI prototypes  •  approved technical specs  •  managed product enhancements  •  recommended feature set and timing for software releases

•   migrated client-server reporting and charting application to web  •  led UI redesign and usability testing  •  prototyped web UI (DHTML, JavaScript)  •  UI featured: customizable pages of independently updating summary objects with drill-down and functions menu, user-collapsible panels to maximize screen real estate, simplified interface with advanced features shown in-place on demand

•   redesigned touch-screen UI for limited screen real estate manufacturing shop-floor data collection system  •  prototyped, usability tested client-server UI (Delphi)  •  co-developed, taught training classes for product release

•   evaluated reporting needs, led assessment of Crystal Reports and other 3rd party tools  •  prototyped proposed solutions using each tool  •  proposed in-house custom reporting solution, prototyped client UI (Delphi)

subcontracted through Maxager Technology for iQuantic:

•   led UI design for new web-based data collection, processing, reporting application  •  gathered requirements, proposed functionality, prototyped web UI, usability tested  (DHTML, JavaScript)  •  coded pages and servlets (JSP, Java)  •  redesigned corporate website, coded, handed-off templates (HTML, JavaScript, CSS)




Fecondo Landscaping*

San Francisco, CA

1998.09 – 1999.04

CAD designer

•   designed, developed 3-D CAD models of proposed garden hardscapes for sales, engineering feasibility, materials lists for pricing  •  drafted 2-D plan and elevation drawings, schematics for irrigation and lighting systems (TurboCAD)



United Behavioral Health*

Oakland, CA

1996.05 – 1998.07


•   enhanced, debugged large mixed-code health care insurance billing and patient treatment event tracking system (VAX C, BASIC, ACMS, Oracle, SQL)



Pacific Bell*

San Ramon, CA

1994.02 – 1995.10

programmer-analyst • application UI designer-developer

•   designed, wrote specifications for new system to transparently wrap many disparate but interdependent legacy telecom apps with single UI

•   designed, coded re-architecture of customer billing system for new functionality, performance (VAX C, RDB, SQL)



Hewlett Packard*

                         San Jose, CA

1993.07 – 1994.02


•   designed, coded new  system to provide graphical monitoring, reporting for high-volume PBX data (Visual Basic)


Salomon Brothers*, AMS*, Wells Fargo*, First Boston*

San Francisco, CA
Redwood City, CA

1991.07 – 1993.07

graphic designer

•   designed, created company collateral, presentations, newsletters, in-house publications (Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop, CorelDraw, PageMaker, QuarkXPress)

•   provided technical and design support, training for graphic design production staff (Mac and Windows platforms)



Pacific Bell*

San Ramon, CA

1990.07 – 1991.05

application UI designer-developer

•   re-designed, coded UI enabling telecom application to be configured graphically (Microsoft C)

•   designed, coded re-architecture of complex telecom application for database-defined features and UI allowing non-technical staff to reconfigure system (VAX C, RDB, SQL)  •  trained junior programmers in C language, VMS internals, relational DB modeling



Digital Equipment Corp*

Irvine, CA

1989.10 – 1990.07

application UI designer-developer

•   designed, wrote specifications for UI and functionality for new system to link hospitals allowing data sharing, scheduling, physician authorizations, retrieval of patient test result images and text

•   coded UI, email, privileges, administrative software components (VAX C, RDB, SQL)



Jet Propulsion Lab*

Pasadena, CA

1989.03 – 1989.10

application UI designer-developer

•   designed, wrote specifications for UI and functionality of new system to manage and deploy peacetime Air Force resources  •  coded UI components (VAX C, RDB, SQL)  •  wrote technical and user documentation  •  taught classes in C language, VMS internals, UI design



Digital Equipment Corp

Costa Mesa, CA

1988.06 – 1989.03

programmer-analyst • project manager

• project manager for McDonnell Douglas:  directed team developing resource management system for the Space Station planning project (VAX Fortran)  •  defined coding standards, performed code reviews  •  conducted “train the trainer” classes for software releases

•   programmer for Rockwell International:  coded new functionality for aerospace design applications (VAX Fortran)  •  provided on-site programming support



Digital Equipment Corp

New York, NY

1987.02 – 1988.06

programmer-analyst • project manager

•   project manager for Morgan Stanley:  led team to design, code, document system to generate Postscript-based personalized prospectuses (VAX Fortran)  •  trained new system manager

•   lead programmer for Citibank:  designed, coded secure check disbursement system (VAX Fortran)



Ernst & Young

San Francisco, CA

1985.10 – 1987.02

system administrator • programmer

•   managed VAX data center and three remote sites  •  automated system operations  •  managed vendor accounts  •  maintained all hardware and software  •  supported user base  •  enhanced financial applications (VAX Basic)



Duke Medical Center

Durham, NC

1983.09 – 1985.05

programmer • graphic designer

•   developed software to identify structures in 3-D stereogram images of muscle tissue (VAX Fortran) •  created 3-D models and large-format plotter graphics for publication (selected acknowledgments in Nature and The Journal of Molecular Biology)


Duke University

Durham, NC

1981.09 – 1985.05

B.S.E., Biomedical Engineering

•   graduated cum laude  •  Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society  •  Dean's List  •  Class Honors  • 
Mensa (IQ 182)

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